Why you need Basic Invite for your Baby Shower Invitations and Beyond!

You’re expecting! Congratulations!  This is the time to celebrate and prepare for your little bundle of joy to arrive…believe me you won’t have nearly as much time after baby is here.  Baby showers are such a great way to gather family and friends and celebrate!

Basic Invite baby shower invitations

**This post is sponsored by Basic Invite.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own**

One thing that is more important than I realized to having a great shower is having a great invitation! I love to save everything I can to remember all the beautiful moments of motherhood. (Helpful for when your baby decides to boycott sleep and take up screaming for hours at a time!) Basic Invite has beautiful invitations for a baby shower that you will love to keep forever.

They have so many options from beautiful classic invites, fun couple invites, sports themed, animal themed and many more!

Brewing couples baby shower
Fun couples shower invitation!


animal baby shower invitation
Adorable animal themed shower invite!


Announce the newest member of your family with the help of their big brother! Celebrate with a fun park barbecue and a game of slow pitch!
Love these baseball baby shower invitations for a second baby!

Click here to see all the beautiful Basic Invite Baby Shower Invitations!

How Basic Invite is different


I have never seen any other site that allows you to customize the colors as much as you can with Basic Invite!  You can literally change the color of anything to just about any color you could dream of.  This is perfect for so many reasons…

Match your nursery – I never really picked strong “themes” for my baby’s room.  Instead I picked out colors I liked to tie the room together.  I just tried to describe the colors on my shower invite so people would have a general idea in case they wanted to buy or make something for the nursery.  It would have been so much better if I could have actually customized my invitation to include my exact colors!  With Basic Invite you can!

Girls – As a mom of two girls I know that girls can like the same things as boys such as dinosaurs, sports, trains, etc.  But my toddler also likes pink and glitter.  So why not have pink dinosaurs?  Basic Invite has some adorable dinosaur baby shower invitations to choose from here:

Baby shower dinosaur invitations

They are designed with beautiful greens and yellows which are perfect for a boy, girl or gender neutral shower!  I designed my own sample invite with a little girl flare and changed the colors to pinks and purples.

dinosaur girl baby shower invitation pink and purple

I think they came out great!  This would also be perfect for birthday invitations to allow to you make any themed card in your child’s favorite colors.

Baby Shower Sets

Not only can you get invitations at Basic Invite you can get everything that you would need for your baby shower to match in one place.  You can get matching Thank You cards and matching games such as Baby Shower Bingo, Baby Mad Libs, Baby Song game and so much more!  This makes planning your baby shower even easier (and more beautiful!) 

floral baby shower set with invitation and games
Sample of the beautiful floral invitations, games, and thank you cards.

Free Address Collection and Printing

This is THE BEST!  Basic Invite will give you a unique private link that you can send via text, email or social media to everyone you want to invite.  Those people can enter in their address so you will be sure they are all correct and updated!  Then Basic Invite will also print those addresses on the envelopes for you (as well as your return address!)  Such a time saver!

Custom Samples

Basic Invite is the only site that I have used that allows you to order a custom sample of your exact invitation/card.  You can see exactly what it looks like in hand before committing to ordering a huge lot of them.  This is great to make sure everything appears exactly how you want it and allows you to make any little changes before the big order.  Perfect for all of us nervous Type A personalities (right here!)

Shipping estimates

One thing that I loved about their site while I was making my order was the up front shipping estimates. Right on the page where you customize your card it shows when to expect your order with different shipping options.  I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator so I love to know when I need to order things to get them on time.  I will also say that I chose standard shipping and got my order earlier than estimated!

Customer Service

While I was customizing my order I had a little trouble with one section of the card.  I used their online chat feature and was immediately in touch with someone who could help me right away!  Technology can have glitches sometimes and it is great to know that a company has fantastic customer service to help you out along the way.  

Beyond the Shower

After the shower is over hopefully you have some time to relax and organize all baby’s new things before their arrival.  Then once your bundle of joy arrives make sure you share the news with one of Basic Invite’s Birth Announcements!  More beautifully designed cards with all the same great customization options.  

basic invite birth announcement

With my second baby I admit I was a little slow but I read somewhere online that you have up to 6 months to send a birth announcement!  So it’s not too late! Personally I don’t think anyone would ever mind getting a beautiful photo card of your adorable baby. 

After the birth announcement don’t forget to take some more family photos for your Christmas cards too!  I always love a good excuse to have some professional photos taken.  You can never have too many pictures to look back on!

Don’t forget Basic Invite again for your little one’s birthday party too!

basic invite birthday invitation

All things baby can become busy and stressful quickly so let Basic Invite take some of the stress away and make your baby shower invites and birth announcements simple and beautiful. You will never regret having a beautiful keepsake worthy card!

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