14 Valentines day gifts for him, that he will actually use… Under $50!

I think the best gift you can give someone you love on Valentine’s Day is spending time with them.  It is priceless to be able to make new memories with someone you care about. So I would definitely recommend making a reservation at a nice restaurant with your significant other or planning a fun day out with the whole family.

With that being said, I also do genuinely like to give people gifts. I really like to give practical gifts that people will actually use.  It just makes me feel good to know that it will not just sit in a box somewhere never to be seen again.  This is a list of 14 gifts that I have actually gotten my husband at some point and he actually still uses all the time!  Another bonus, everything is under $50!

This post contains affiliate links for products that I use and love. See disclosure for full details.

1. Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

I actually made my husband one of these and it is really neat!  When you open the bottle the cap falls down and magically sticks to where the magnet is.

2. Wallet Ninja Multitool

I just got this for my husband for Christmas and he has been using it all the time. He was always complaining that he didn’t have anything to open boxes with or a little screwdriver for all those kids toys that we have! Problem solved!

3. Star Wars Darth Vader Robe

This was a gift from a couple of years ago and it gets a lot of use.  I must confess that I wear it too sometimes! It is so comfy and cozy and its Star Wars, so how could you resist!

4. Fun Socks

Who doesn’t love fun socks? And everyone could always use some new socks!  I love this collection of different artwork and there are lots of other options if these aren’t you style.

5. Amazon Echo Dot

We are definitely an Amazon family.  We have both the original Echo and the newer Dot. I got my husband this for him to use in his home office, since he works from home.  He can play any music he wants and controls the lights in his room, all with his voice!

6. LED Smart Light Bulbs

If you already have an Amazon Echo then you have to have some of these LED smart lights!  Its by far my favorite feature to use with Alexa.  I love that I can turn on and off one or a whole group of lights just by asking Alexa to do it.

7. Himalayan Salt Block

My husband loves to grill and since he has gotten this I think he grills even more.  It takes some time to allow it to heat up so it doesn’t crack but I think it really adds some great flavor to meat.  My favorite thing he cooks on it is a great steak but you can really use it for anything!

8. Moscow Mule Mug set

These mugs are great! My husband loves a good drink and experimenting with new drinks too.  These are designed for the specific Moscow Mule drink but overall just look great and work with everything.

9. Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set

I have been trying to use more natural products throughout my house from skincare to cleaning supplies.  I don’t think my husband is as committed as I am about it all but I do know he loves these Burt’s Bees products!  They smell great, are really gentle on the skin and are free of all the harmful chemicals!

10. Comfy Slippers

I bought these for my husband after he bought me some slippers like this that I love!  Especially in the colder months, like now, we both wear our slippers all the time.  I love that these have a solid sole so you could walk outside to get the mail if you wanted to.

11. Tile Mate Anything Finder

Does anyone else’s husband/significant other lose stuff all the time? I constantly hear him asking have you seen my keys/wallet/phone ect. These Tile trackers have been awesome for him!  You can use your phone to find any of the tiles you have placed on your objects or you can even use any tile to find your phone!

12. Wood Sunglasses

I initially bought these after mus husband lost more than one pair of sunglasses to the ocean.  Now these will certainly not eliminate that risk but they do float! So that would at least maybe give him a chance of getting them back, maybe. I also just thought they looked neat and he likes how light they are. Lots of different colors available!

13. Whisky Ice Cube Molds

My husband loves his whisky! He will typically drink it without ice but when he does want ice in it he loves that these cubes are large and chill the drink without watering it down.  He likes the round ice so much he has made a bunch just for fun to use in water and other regular drinks too!

14. Star Wars R2D2 Coffee Press

So clearly we are big Star Wars fans!  We also love some good coffee. We had a french press for years until it broke and we needed a new one. I couldn’t pass this one up!  It does seem to be built well so hopefully it will last even longer than our last coffee press.  It sure is more fun to look at!

I hope you have found some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day shopping! And remember, spend some quality time with your loved ones and tell them you love them!  Please share any gift recommendations that you have in the comments!

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  1. mindfulpoints

    January 19, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    I don’t have a forgettable husband 🙂 but those tiles are great idea! Socks are always the perfect gift for any occasion! 🙂

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