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There are so many baby products out there it can become overwhelming very quickly.  The one biggest thing that can convince me to pick one item over another is a real mom’s recommendation!  Nothing can compare to actual testimony of the product working in real life scenarios!  I have asked all my mom friends and scoured internet reviews to pick the products I ended up buying.

After all that work I wanted to simplify the process for other moms out there.  This is my list of products that I have personally used and loved with my baby (now toddler!) and would highly recommend!  I plan to continue to update this list regularly as my little one grows and we find new products that we love, so be sure to save for future reading.  We will also be welcoming baby #2 soon so I will be using all these items for round 2!

This is just a short and sweet list please see my recommended reading for additional information about most of the products listed in my detailed posts.  Also, as I mentioned, I have personal experience with every single one of these products so feel free to leave a comment with any questions and I will get back to you!

The Ultimate Resource for Mom tested and approved baby products

This post contains affiliate links to products that I use and love.  Please see disclosure for full details.

For Baby’s Sleep

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10 Baby Must Haves for a Good Night Sleep

Rock ‘n Play

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Sound Machine

Breathable Waterproof Mattress

Halo Early Walker Sleepsack

Halo Sleepsack

For Baby’s Nursery

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Quick and Easy Tip to Help Baby Sleep

Salt Lamp Nightlight


Easy Blackout Shades

Battery Clock

Monitor Wall Mount

For Teething

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Soft Teether

Multi-texture Teether

Teething Mitt

Cold Teethers

For Breastfeeding

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What is Finger Feeding? And Can it Help You Feed Your Newborn?

Spectra S1 Breastpump

Spectra – Medela Adapters

Nipple Shells for Sore Nipples

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Boppy Water Resistant Cover

Latch Bottles

Bottle Drying Rack

Bamboo Reusable Nipple Pads

Milk Storage Bags

Cloth Diapers/Burp cloths

Burpy Bibs

Manual Breast Pump


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For Play

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How to Survive a Road Trip with Baby

Play Mat

Noggin Stick

Baby Einstein Music Toy

Baby toy/rattle

Toy Strap

Water Wow Coloring Books

For Feeding

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10 Baby Products Every Mom Should Have in 2018

Kiinde Baby Food System

Munchkin Spoons

Immersion Blender

Ice Cube Tray

Waterproof Bibs

Leak Proof Sippy Cups

Space Saving High Chair

For Travel

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Baby Car Mirror

Travel High Chair

Baby Car Toy

Travel Baby Bath Seat

Backpack Diaper Bag

Phone/Tablet Car Headrest Mount

Pack ‘n Play

Car Seat Protector Pad

World’s Smallest Folding Stroller! GB Pockit Stroller

Snap ‘n Go Universal Car Seat Carrier

I hope you have found some helpful products to make your mom life easier!  Please let me know if you have any questions on any of the products above in the comments!

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