The Best Personalized Baby Gifts

Babies get a lot of gifts! Many before they are even born!  It can be expensive to get prepared for a new baby so it is wonderful to get some of those baby necessities as gifts.  But some of my favorite gifts that I received for my baby were the personalized ones made special for her.  As kids get bigger they just love to see their very own name on things too!  I don’t think you need your kids name or monogram on every little thing they own but these are some of my absolute favorite personalized baby gifts.

Find the Perfect Personalized Baby Gift!

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Birth Announcement Stuffed Animal

Babies and kids just love stuffed animals!  These are such a sweet way to remember all the details of baby’s birth.  Many people have an animal as part of their nursery theme as well so these make perfect gifts to accent the nursery before baby is big enough to play with it.  With so many different options to choose from you can find one perfect for any baby!

Baby Milestone Blocks

Everyone is taking milestone photos of their baby growing up now!  There are so many way’s to mark how old baby is but I love these blocks which can track weeks, months, years and even grade!  They really do grow with your child. You can even use these while your pregnant too.  I love the adding the name block so it is even more personal for each child.  Lots of different stain and paint colors to choose from to fit any decor!

Personalized Baby Blanket

Every baby needs a sweet cuddly blanket of their very own.  From a swaddle blanket when they are born to a soft blanket to cuddle with as they grow.  These are some adorable personalized blankets that baby will cherish forever!  These also make great backdrops for photos with new baby and as they grow.

personalized baby blanket

personalized swaddle

Personalized Newborn Outfit

Babies start getting their picture taken as soon as they are born!  There is nothing like having a special outfit with their name or monogram on it to make those photos memorable.  Many siblings get a lot of hand-me-downs too and it’s nice to make sure they the younger ones have some special outfits that are just theirs!  These are some of my favorite outfits for new baby!

Personalized Chair

Kids love to have a place to sit that fits them just right!  These chairs make great baby gifts for taking milestone photos with.  It is amazing to see your baby grow up through pictures with the same chair throughout!

Flash Furniture Kids Chair

Personalized Books

I love getting books as gifts!  They don’t take up much space and kids love and enjoy them for years.  My 2 year old daughter has a couple personalized books like these and she loves them! It’s so exciting for them to hear their own name in a story.  I think it really encourages her to love books and will help her be excited for reading too!


Personalized Puzzle

Puzzles are great for motor skills and learning.  These personalized puzzles can help teach your child to spell their name and recognize letters and shapes!  I love that they have different colors and pictures available too.  Such a special gift for a little one!

Personalized Diaper Bag

Every mom needs a diaper bag for baby.  Why not make it a little extra special?  This bag is so functional, adorable and personalized!  What more could you ask for? The backpack style is my favorite since it allows you to have two hands free which is so helpful!

personalized backpack diaper bag

I hope you found some useful gifts on this list!  I really feel that personalized gifts are a little extra special.  Please share any other personalized gift ideas that you love in the comments!
Personalized gifts for baby


  1. confessionsofarealisticmom

    May 12, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    What an amazing idea! Those are all so cute. I love the outfits and the wooden toys. Great post!

    1. mommybytheminute

      May 12, 2018 at 3:20 pm

      Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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