About Me


I am a mother to a wonderfully energetic and sweet toddler with another little girl on the way this spring.  I love to spend time with my little girl and she amazes me every day with all the things she learns. When my first baby was born I was lucky enough to be able to take a one year leave of absence (unpaid of course) from my job to stay home with her. I am now back to working part time to help make ends meet but I am hoping to be able to take the same leave with my second baby as well!

I know that as a first time mother I welcomed advice from all angles to get me through the challenges and unknowns.  I would be lost without the advice and help from my own mother and friends but second to that I found so much help from the depths of the internet. I bounced to many mom blogs with all the questions that I had about weird looking rashes, frustrating sleeping habits, what foods I should or shouldn’t feed her and what products work the best. Now that I’m preparing to welcome another little bundle of joy into the world I am trying to remember all those helpful tidbits so I thought I would share them here for everyone to read.  I hope you enjoy reading and find something useful along the way!