10 Baby Products that Every Mom Should Have in 2018

I hate to buy things that I don’t use all the time or that only last for a short period of time. I have always tried to be a bit minimalist about the baby products I buy since I don’t want my house be completely taken over.  Also I believe that babies really don’t need a lot of fancy things to thrive. Pots and pans and cardboard boxes make great toys!

So although I have tried to avoid buying in excess there are a few products that I could not have survived without. This list goes beyond the basics of crib, diapers, wipes, clothes, ect. and gets into the really helpful products that everyone may not have depending on their priorities.

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1. Rock ‘n Play

So hopefully you have heard of this before because it is a lifesaver in those difficult first few months!  I read so many recommendations for this item and was so thankful that I had actually been given one as a hand me down from a friend.

My baby girl was technically a premie, born at 36 weeks 3 days, so she was a bit smaller than the average baby.  Because the seat in the Rock ‘n Play is so deep for a little one I felt better by putting a small blanket rolled up behind her bottom in the beginning so she was a little bit more flat, if that makes sense.

She napped and slept overnight in this for about the first 2-3 months. She hated to sleep flat but when we did make the transition to her crib we found that we needed to swaddle her so she felt snuggled like in the Rock ‘n Play and she made the transition well after that.

Now I only had the original version as pictured above but now there is a version that has an auto rock feature (that sounds amazing!) which you can find here.

2. Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

We got this play mat as a gift and it was wonderful!  I especially love how easy it is to take apart and lay flat for travel.  We do not live close to family so we travel a lot, so having travel friendly products is a must. I also loved that this came with the little pillow to help prop her up during tummy time when she was very little.  Also the mirror is wonderful, babies love mirrors!

3. Boppy Water Resistant Cover

So I will admit that I got this one a little too late to reap the full benefits. I used my boppy for nursing for most of the 12 months that I breastfed. There were so many times that it ended up with spit up, spilled milk or worst of all blown out diaper mess all over it.

Although the popular boppy covers out there are super cute…they do not protect the boppy at all which means this mess inevitably gets all over both the cover and the boppy. So it’s a good thing that everything is washable! But enter this water resistant cover and now you don’t have to wash the boppy itself every single time. Not entirely waterproof but has still saved the boppy every time I needed it to. Such a time saver!

4. Waterproof Car Seat Liner

Another item that I wish I had gotten sooner than I did.  It always works out that there is a blow out diaper right in the beginning of a long road trip for us. And the big ones always make it all the way through to the car seat.  While on the road there is no cleaning the whole car seat cover which means there is no getting rid of that smell for the rest of the ride.

This brilliant product works perfect to protect the car seat from blown out diapers!  Then you can just tie it up in a bag and continue on your way (after cleaning and changing the messy baby of course, no quick fix for that). I even still use this when we go on long car rides with our now 18 month old and it has saved us from some vomit messes as well.

Also it’s advertised for use during potty training and we are not even there yet so I’m sure we will still get a lot of use out of this! Definitely worth the purchase and I think I will just buy another one for baby two so we can have 2 on hand.

5. All in One Car Toy with Parent Mirror

At this point you understand that we travel a lot, and mostly by means of long car rides, so anything that makes travelling easier is a win for us.

This toy has been wonderful!  Our little girl loves it and I just finally took it down about a month ago (when she was 17 months old) just because it was more getting in her way now. It is so nice that it is secured to the seat in front of her so she can’t throw it down into the dark abyss between her seat and the car door and it has lots to keep her entertained. Make sure you check my complete post on how to survive a road trip with baby here!

6. Backpack diaper bag

Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag

I waited way too long to buy into this recommendation that I heard and read from many people.  I thought I wanted to stick with a somewhat “cute” looking diaper bag and not bother with a frumpy looking backpack.

Now there are many different backpack diaper bags out there and many of them are not frumpy looking at all!  But I was on a budget and by the time I bought into the backpack style I was ready for just the most functional bag I could have to make my life easier. I think that this bag that we got is great because it is super lightweight, has tons of pockets and has a neutral style (I had to get something my husband would wear and carry around too!). Also love that the wipes are in an easy access side pouch, so always within reach.

This fits all our needs and is so much easier than an over the shoulder bag since you can bend over and not have it falling everywhere. Definitely look into this one, its a keeper for the long haul!

7. Kiinde Foodii Starter Kit

I have gotten so many questions about these  pouches when we were out feeding our daughter with them.  We bought them when I was making her baby food and wanted something that would be easy to use when out of the house.  I really didn’t want to spend $2-3 a pouch for the ones from the store and I think I had seen one too many reviews about them having mold in them as well, yuck, so that scared me.

These pouches are easy to fill and the attachable spoon is perfect for feeding your little one. I have not yet used them with the sippy tops, but I need to try it soon!  I would make a bunch of them and freeze them and then just throw them in the diaper bag. They would either be thawed by the time I needed them or I could run them under some warm water for a bit and they were good to go. Mess free, healthy meal on the go!

8. Gerber Sippy Cups

I have bought so many sippy cups it’s ridiculous. Somehow they all seem to leak one way or another, which means milk stains everywhere, gross! Then I found these cups and have not had a leaking problem since.

I also like them because they are easy to clean, even the removable valve, which is actually easy to remove unlike some other cups I have tried. The hard spout prevents my teething toddler from chewing through it and another big plus…they are pretty cheap too! Two insulated cups for about $8.  I am always up for saving a buck.

9. Baby Trend Snap n Go Universal Car Seat Carrier

I didn’t want to buy a whole stroller system because it all looked pretty bulky and seemed like I wouldn’t use them all the time. I had a friend recommend the Snap ‘n Go for while the baby was still an infant and it was so easy to use. Since its not a full stroller with a car seat adapter its super lightweight and easy to fold and unfold and it fits basically any car seat right on top and straps it down for safety. I just loved that it didn’t take up a lot of space and was so easy to use.

10. GB Pockit Stroller

This stroller has been amazing!  It folds up so small we can fit it in a tote bag and bring it right on the airplane with us!  I’ve had many people at the airport ask us about it, especially when they see us fold it down so quick and it ends up so tiny.  It is perfect for travel since it can fit just about anywhere.

Since it is so small it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles on it (one of my least favorite parts is the tiny sun shade) but it is perfect if you need a durable stroller that can go with you anywhere.  And it comes in a few different fun colors too.

I also just saw that they have come out with a newer model that allows the seat to recline and has the ability to carry a car seat so it can be used with a newborn!  You can find this new version here.


Hopefully you found some inspiration in this list to help meet some of your needs as a mom or someone who loves a mom!  These products have certainly helped me out so much throughout my mommy adventures!  Want more mom recommended products?  Check out my Mom Recommends resource page for my favorite items that I used the most in the first year and beyond! Please leave a comment to tell me what some of your favorite baby products are!

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